NK2Edit - THE solution to Microsoft Outlook's chronically buggy auto-complete 

Most of the software/service vendors that I deal with are quite good, but every now and then I have an exceptionally positive experience that makes it worth mentioning to others. This one solves a very specific problem, but one that a lot of people face, and the developer's responsiveness to support requests has been absolutely superb.

NK2Edit address an issue that has plagued Microsoft Outlook for many years. The auto-complete feature, which is supposed to remember names and addresses of email recipients and fill them in as you type, is notoriously unreliable. The file where this cache of addresses gets stored frequently becomes corrupted, fails to preserve recent changes, or simply disappears for no apparent reason. NK2Edit allows this data to be viewed, edited, repaired, backed up and restored, and continuously monitored, for a single user or for every user on your network, all in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Free for personal use, and very reasonably priced for commercial use. Highly recommended.
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new EP from my friend Andrew 

Andrew and I used to play together often at Marin Covenant Church - often as part of a Chicago-style horn section, playing charts that we had written days or even hours before the service. :-) Now Andrew is in LA, cranking out awesome, worshipful music as part of Reverent Worship. Here is my favorite cut from their new EP: You Will Carry Me.
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RIP Posterous, long live sphpblog 

First there was TiddlyWiki, then Vox, then Posterous... all interesting in their own right, but eventually they all let me down.

Now hosting my blog on my own server with a lightweight php-based blog engine (I don't need all the bells and whistles of wordpress). Hopefully this setup will last a while.

Old posts are available at diercks.net/blog-archive
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