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  • 2014
    • January
      • how's THAT for service?
        One of my consulting clients sent me a frantic email today, reporting that a PHP script that I had written for them had stopped working. I tested and verified the problem, analyzed the debugging information provided by the script, diagnosed that it was caused by a bug in a third-party API, modified

  • 2013
    • August
      • exploring BitMessage
        I expect that we'll be seeing a sharp uptick in people's interest in privacy technology, given recent events. Humans have a basic need for privacy, closely connected with our need for intimacy, so it's important to have tools that help us preserve the privacy that we need in order to

    • April
    • March
      • new EP from my friend Andrew
        Andrew and I used to play together often at Marin Covenant Church - often as part of a Chicago-style horn section, playing charts that we had written days or even hours before the service. :-) Now Andrew is in LA, cranking out awesome, worshipful music as part of Reverent Worship. Here is my favorit

      • RIP Posterous, long live sphpblog
        First there was TiddlyWiki, then Vox, then Posterous... all interesting in their own right, but eventually they all let me down.

        Now hosting my blog on my own server with a lightweight php-based blog engine (I don't need all the bells and whistles of wordpress). Hopefully this setup