My First Birthday!

Davis Jonathan Diercks
December 12, 1998

Today I turned one year old. It was a major event. Knowing that the day would be full and demanding, I started off the morning with a light workout. I've gotten pretty good at pushing this thing around the house. Pretty soon I should be walking all by myself.

Then the guests for my party began arriving. Grandpa Diercks was very happy and excited to see me.
Grandma D was there too, and so were Kole and
Shag (center) and Kole's Dad, Jeff (left).

Here's a close-up of Kole and his Dad.
There's mommy talking with Brenda and Chris.

And there's Grandma, Brenda (right) with
Ezra and his Mommy, Sandra (center).

Here's Ezra explaining what's going on to his Daddy, Tim.

After all the guests had arrived, it was time for CAKE!
My Mommy knows that I love Veggie Tales, so she made me
two very special cakes -- Bob the tomato, and my hero, Larry-Boy!
Since I'd never really experienced cake before,
I approached it tentatively at first.
... an experimental taste ...
But, it didn't take me long to realize this was a good
thing, and so I made sure to enjoy it properly.
mmm, mmm good!

So, having achieved a sufficient sugar-buzz,
it was time to kick the excitement up a notch: PRESENTS!
Mommy helped me read cards and unwrap gifts.

I really enjoyed all the paper and boxes.
I got a soft, easy-to-grip football to play catch with,

and a cool big truck to push around,
... and these fascinating stacking blocks.
I haven't completely figured them out yet,
but I'll bet I can make some neat things with them.
All in all, I'd have to rate it as a really good day. This business of being a one-year-old is pretty cool. I think I'll stick with it for a while. 9-month pictures - 3-month pictures - 4-week pictures
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