I started to write a post that was turning into a full-blown "manifesto" about a bunch of changes I'm making in my approach to social media, but then I realized that very few people would likely read such a diatribe in one sitting. So instead, I'll try to write in more bite-sized chunks, focusing on one point at a time.

Welcome to my new/old blog.

I don't post a lot, but when I do, I want to post things that matter, and I want my posts to be more under my own control, and not the exclusive property of facebook, twitter, etc.

IndieWeb So, I've been looking at implementing at least some of the principles promoted by the IndieWeb movement. Specifically, I'll be relying more on this blog as a primary point-of-origin for most of what I post. I will also plan to "syndicate" at least some content, by posting links to the social sites where I have friends/followers.

That's probably enough of a start for now. More to come. Thanks for reading.