Jon Diercks

about me...

For the dry professional history, see my resume. I am currently a full-time IT Director and also do some consulting on the side. You might also find it interesting that I am a published author. My first book was released in 2001. For the (hopefully) more exciting personal glimpse, read on...
I'm into music, especially jazz. I play several instruments, including keyboards and trombone. In 1997 I picked up an Akai Electric Wind Instrument (EWI) and I have been having a lot of fun with it.

My wife and kids are totally awesome. :-)

I have a rare genetic condition called Retinoschisis which causes me to have severely impaired eyesight. I don't let it slow me down too much, though. I enjoy bicycling and waterskiing, and occassionally some fishing, and I'm very active in my church.

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